///Crystal Healing Cardiff

Crystal Healing Cardiff

Crystal Healing Cardiff

Crystal healing therapy is performed with crystals that are placed in different ways in the body. The body is divided into specific regions, also known as chakras where the crystals are placed. The body is divided into seven main chakras beside which there are also many small chakras. The small chakras are also known as lengths. Each chakra in the body has a specific task to keep the body, mind, and soul in an ideal unit for a balanced lifestyle.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystalline healing is an alternative medical technique that uses stones and crystals as healing tools, a holistic form of treatment and vibration healing suitable for all ages and conditions.

It is also fair and gentle, as well as ancient and very powerful art.

The crystals can absorb, store, project and concentrate hidden energies, such as a rechargeable battery. It is said to direct the flow of energy to the person in a particular part of the body and balance the energy. Holding the purest form of vibration due to its molecular composition, crystals can change the vibration speed of those halos, along with precious stones and minerals can be a powerful tool in our teaching on how to heal ourselves.

The crystallised affirm that all organisms have a “vibrational energy system”. It includes chakras, hidden objects, and energy lines (vital pathways within the body). Crystal healing is the procedure of bringing our energy fields to perfect alignment and not just a form of continuous healing, but it also opens a link to direct the energy of the person’s psyche through the crystal, in anywhere you are on the planet.

The Benefits of Crystal Healing

A series of crystals and gems are used to cure crystal treatments. Each gem or crystal is useful in a different way. These days, the market is also available in crystal jewellery. You only need to buy it and use it during the day or at a specific period of the day to take advantage of it.

This is the major benefits.

1. Reduction of stress
2. Alleviation of pains and aches
3. Enhance the digestive system
4. Relief to tired feet
5. Improvement of sleep

Some of the problems that are known to be treated with crystal healing therapy are:


Amethyst unleashes the forbidden energy. Amethyst is placed on the forehead and around the neck in the clavicle.


The use of Chrysoprase under the pillow makes it easier for people to sleep. Citrine is useful for those who cannot sleep due to stress and anxiety. If disturbed sleep is experienced, labradorite and tourmaline may be useful.


People who lack energy without reason can benefit from sapphire, the environment, and jaundice. The person must lie down with the crystals by hand.


Kunzite frees emotional baggage, while rose quartz is useful to calm the person.

In the human body, each emotion, part of the body and the water in which it resides carries a certain vibration or frequency, and the correct balance determines its correct functioning. Like the TV, if the frequency is not set correctly, the channel is not clear or clear. The crystals can help the body and other living elements, such as plants or animals, to “tune in” to a stable energy frequency and healthy. This is called resonance theory, since the crystals have a fixed formation and the stable energy pattern has helped the body, which may have left the synchronisation with itself and its surroundings, to return to equilibrium, healthy vibration pattern.