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Be it a physical injury, depression, Reiki or Crystal Healing, the better you heal, the better. It sounds so easy, but there are times when the treatment takes too long or does not seem to work. This is mainly the case when the injury or the pain is invisible, be it emotional or psychic. If and when faced with such a situation, there are two ways to do it – using holistic healing products, curative services or both. The Crystal Work offers some of the best services and skin care products that will not only regenerate your mind but also cure your physical ailments. Does it really work? The truth is that they work better than most medically prescribed medications. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible. This is possible for the following reasons:

Spa products contain the best and purest natural elements. Most of these products are made from natural essential oils and water. These products can be used for physical, mental or psychological healing.

 They have different causes, from stress reduction to weight loss It is one of the most advanced products based on natural products. The goal is to eliminate various energy blockages in your body. You do not need to be an expert to use them, but if you are looking for something more, a visit to our holistic healing clinic in Cardiff City can be very helpful. Healing retreats provide an environment that promotes relaxation, rest and relaxation.

Holistic healing works with the practice of taking care of health in general and not only the physical condition.

It is important to develop a sense of balance in the mind and soul, thus creating a complete rejuvenation. A common theme for different varieties of holistic treatments is the great emphasis on balancing the mind, body and soul. Much of the interest in alternative medicine revolves around reiki therapy that aims to relieve stress in the body.

The calmer and quieter your immediate environment is, the easier it is to use positive energy that greatly improves the healing process.

Considered as coming from Japanese culture, it is about transmitting spiritual energy through sacred intercession.  In fact, the word ‘reiki’ translates as ‘a frightening force’. This includes the use of palms to transmit energy for healing purposes.

A key feature of Reiki healing is to create a balance between the two energy forces. Reiki believers subscribe to the belief that the situation of a person in crisis will get worse when there is a transfer of energy with an animated person. People undergo Reiki healing to develop a sense of balance and integrity in themselves, as well as to replace negative vibrations in the body with positive vibrations by creating a sense of harmony and security with the world.

No specification should be completed to participate in a Reiki session. In this holistic treatment, the professional will put their hands on the different parts of the body that, according to them, relieve stress. In most cases, the patient can sleep, waiting for the transfer of energy. The healing takes place from the highest position to the lowest position, and the hands of the healer move from the head to the lower half of the body. The hands are properly arranged to allow maximum energy transfer.


Reiki is a uniquely natural healing process that is induced by touch. It is based on the theory that one is able to transfer healing energy’ to another physically, emotionally or mentally stressed.

The process significantly enhances the body’s ability to heal itself with or without the help of more conventional medicine.

Though there is a lot of facts to be established about Reiki, it is classified as a form of energy healing which refers to the manipulation of energy fields within the body to help with the healing process.

The technique traces its roots in Japan where it has been perfected and has since spread across the globe quickly gaining popularity as an effective means to treating different ailments of the human body. The physician transfers this energy to a patient by simply placing his or her hands on an affected area which then activates a natural healing process as opposed to ingestion of drugs.

Apart from healing the process is also used for general relaxation, stress relief and a very good aid to the general physical, emotional and mental well-being of any otherwise normal person.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing therapy is performed with crystals that are placed in different ways in the body. The body is divided into specific regions, also known as chakras where the crystals are placed. The body is divided into seven main chakras beside which there are also many small chakras. The small chakras are also known as lengths. Each chakra in the body has a specific task to keep the body, mind, and soul in an ideal unit for a balanced lifestyle.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystalline healing is an alternative medical technique that uses stones and crystals as healing tools, a holistic form of treatment and vibration healing suitable for all ages and conditions. It is also unfair and gentle, as well as ancient and very powerful art. The crystals can absorb, store, project and concentrate hidden energies, such as a rechargeable battery. It is said to direct the flow of energy to the person in a particular part of the body and balance the energy.

Holding the purest form of vibration due to its molecular composition, crystals can change the vibration speed of those halos, along with precious stones and minerals can be a powerful tool in our teaching on how to heal ourselves.

The crystallised affirm that all organisms have a “vibrational energy system”. It includes chakras, hidden objects, and energy lines (vital pathways within the body). Crystal healing is the procedure of bringing our energy fields to perfect alignment and not just a form of continuous healing, but it also opens a link to direct the energy of the person’s psyche through the crystal, in anywhere you are on the planet.


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An important aspect of a Reiki healing session is that the healer and the patient can achieve positive energy and mental relaxation through this healing process. In fact, the Reiki advocates claim that both participants need active participation for a successful session.

Another reason for the popularity of Reiki is that knowledge can be transmitted as an essential part of the healing of Reiki. The Reiki teacher informs his student about the various principles of holistic healing, including the symbols and designs of the hands during the therapy session. The Reiki teachings have three learning sets in which the first two are completed in a full day session, while the last one includes a longer course called initiation. In this case, the student studies the different positions of the hands that facilitate the release of the head, heart and chakras of the palm allowing the flow of energy “reiki”.

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